Pixies are one of the oldest races, created during The Birth by Hawathi. They are known for their innate connection to magic, and their use of Itharium to further amplify it. The elder pixie rulers have even found a way to use the Itharium to create new races of their own, suited to the task at hand. Through this process the pixies have created the Dwarves, Gnome, Elves and they have even modified a new subrace of Humans. Pixies live on the floating island city of pixietopia in lake Gowa-Di.

Currently the pixies are at war with many factions, the Frost Giants, Raptors, and Howlies. Although at war, the pixie home city is relatively peaceful, as they let have delegated the war to the various races under their command.

Pixies have the following stats

Small Siz
+2 Charisma, -2 Con
Speed 20, Fly 30 (perfect)
Pixies all keep a reserve of Itharium on them, and are actually able to sense its presence even when none is obvious. A pixie can restocks their Itharium as an archer restocks arrows.
A pixie has the following spell like abilities at a caster level equal to their HD. All pixie spell like abilities have their physical component changed to Itharium. They also have only a somatic component.
Light 3/Day, Invisibility 1/day, Charm person 3/day.


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